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We are taking a close look at the Cannabis industry from multiple angles. We are interviewing professionals, testing and reviewing products, visiting dispensaries, and keeping a close eye on the news. Join the fun by listening to the podcast, reading the blog, or following us on social media.

Thank You Everyone! We Raised $400+ for Root & Rebound!

All proceeds went to Root & Rebound to help women with non-violent cannabis crimes!

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Ryan Brown of Native Roots with Strawberry Sequoia

What it’s like to Run One of The World’s Largest Dispensary Chains |Interview with the CEO of Native Roots

We sat down with Ryan Brown, the CEO of Native Roots one of the largest dispensary chains in Colorado and the world over. Ryan gave us his backstory and gave us an inside look into what its like running and expanding a massive cannabis business. He gave us his marketing secrets, industry predictions, and his favorite cannabis products.

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Blue Kudu Bon BOns

Review: Blue Kudu Bon Bons

We bought these on recommendation from a budtender at The Farm in Boulder, CO. Honestly, after trying Coda Signature truffles I have had a hard time finding gourmet cannabis edibles

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420 Street Interviews

This week on the podcast we decided to hit the streets of Boulder to interview strangers about 420. The podcast begins with the true history of 420 and then goes

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