15 Women Share How They Use Cannabis to Heal

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We are big fans of Reddit at The Mary Jane Experience. It’s a safe place to talk about taboo subjects, which unfortunately for many, cannabis still is. Women (and men) from non-legal states can use reddit as a platform to vent, share, learn, etc. about subjects they don’t feel comfortable talking about with in “real life”. We like it so much we even have our OWN subreddit r/themaryjaneexperience and recently took over the subreddit r/entwives (a women’s cannabis reddit community) for a week of Daily Chats.

One of our favorite thread from our week of daily chats was “How Are You Using Cannabis to Cure/Heal/Help a Specific Illness or Condition?”. We got so many responses we had to share them. Maybe you are facing a similar issue or maybe you are just curious, either way we thought these were interesting enough to share!

See the actual thread here.

How do You Use Cannabis To Heal?


“I have a medical card, and I use it for anxiety. That is self-prescribed. I have been diagnosed with OCD before, but I believe this manifests mostly into anxiety.

I smoke every day, or use a dab pen. My husband does as well. I sometimes get anxiety attacks, and often obsessive thoughts that ruin my day and harm my relationship.

Smoking used to give me more anxiety–will I get caught and lose my career? Now that I can have it legally, it does wonders to calm me down. Really, it gives me enough clarity after a hit to let go of the thought that was eating my brain. And the next hit lets me calm down and move on.”    




“I use cannabis for my severe anxiety and panic attacks. What helps the most is using hybrid or indica strains when I smoke, or CBD tinctures on days where I’m not looking to have a lot of THC. 

Cannabis also helps me with my executive dysfunction, and allows me to function and do every day things like chores and enjoying my hobbies without feeling burnt out or nonfunctional. It has really helped me to claim my life and independence back.”



“I’m not sure it ‘cures’ anything, but helps with the symptoms. If I catch it early enough, it definitely helps with some of the abdominal cramping from my crohn’s disease and can reduce the D(diarrhea). I also have a lot of pain, one from the crohn’s, but also from inflammatory arthritis. As a pain reliever it work 2 ways for me, as it works directly on the pain, but then also works on me remembering the pain. So the pain not completely removed, I can forget about it unless something reminds me (a though, or moving a certain way). The same way that cannabis distracts people from time, it does this to a positive effect for my pain.

I was on a fentnyl patch for almost 10 years due to pain, and needing something to slow the peristalsis. I now don’t really need as much opiates and not daily anymore and most definitely off the patch. I only use them when the D won’t stop and or if there is blood. Needless to say, I’m a daily user.

Lastly, cannabis helps my type 1 diabetes in helping me workout more. Certain strains give me energy and take away some the aches and pains so I can exercise more effectively.”



“Partially relieves migraine pain and nausea. I use it in conjunction with my other Rx medications (triptans) and it helps reduce my symptoms.”



“In September 2018 I was approved for my medical cannabis card to treat chronic back pain and PTSD-related anxiety. Everything changed for the better once I had my card. In addition to being able to focus on my meditation and yoga practice, I have successfully stopped drinking alcohol.

I honestly feel like a brand new human compared to a year ago. I’m grateful cannabis has helped me heal and take the crucial steps to live a healthier happier life.”



(Side Note: Amazing User Name!)

“I had medical marijuana in Florida due to lupus, fibromyalgia, and anxiety. I’m currently in TN and using illegally until we go back to Florida. Le sigh.

Cannabis is literally the difference between me being able to ably care for my children vs not being able to pick up my five year old at all.

Right now I’m really the mercy of whatever my plug can get. When I was getting medical, I liked hybrids during the day and indica at night or when I’m trying to relax and have help with the kids”



“I have my medical card for Nausea but it also helps with my anxiety. It’s nice as it’s the only nausea medication I can’t throw up. I’m nauseous most days of the week for most of the day on and off, not sure why, and it helps a lot”



“I’m not eligible for a medical card, even though I have recurring mononucleosis. It affects my sleep, my heart, my eyes, my muscles, and appetite. I buy off the market, so I don’t have a choice of weed, though I have a preference for lemon haze. Weed has helped me mask debilitating muscle spasms and heart flutters, and was the only thing that put me to sleep after a severe case of insomnia for four days. My eyes? I can’t even feel the incredible strain on my eyes caused by the mono when I’m too busy smoking some gigglebush lmao. Now for appetite it’s hit or miss – sometimes weed causes me to eat an entire gas station, but sometimes it’ll be 7pm and I light up and realized “oh man, all I’ve eaten today is an egg”.

edit for clarification I could get a medical card, but I have a very specific insurance that only goes through a certain clinic, and they don’t prescribe opioids or cannabis card. I’m moving to Tennessee soon and joining their fight for legal weed – there’s not even medical – and hopefully I can get a card then”



“I have a medical card as well, though where I am that basically just means I have to go to a doctor every six months to tell them it’s still working, and I have access to certain products that aren’t on the recreational market in my province yet (though I do expect my LP to eventually expand out here). I basically have free rein to choose my own strains and delivery methods, though of course my doc wants me to try to use edible oils and vape more than I smoke.

I use cannabis primarily for the severe sleep issues I have from my ADHD – left to my own devices I generally sleep from around 3am/4am to noon/1pm, and not particularly restfully. An indica edible knocks me out and keeps me asleep so that I can actually function during the day. I also use certain strains to help with housekeeping/cleaning which I would otherwise have major problems with. I’ve also started using it as a tool to help me deal with agoraphobia and social anxiety – since I started smoking I’ve been able to actually hang out with people, go to community events, and make new friends. Before I started I’d spent at least a year basically never leaving my house or seeing anyone but my girlfriend when she could visit me.

It really has been a positive force in my life.”



“I have a medical card for “severe pain” related to muscle spasms and tension, which are secondary to CPTSD.

Basically my body thinks I’m constantly on the verge of attack either physically, mentally or emotionally, and cannabis helps me relax and let go of the hyper vigilance.

Over the past 10 years of use, the symptoms have significantly decreased, even when not using cannabis, and I am able to go much deeper with therapy because I am more relaxed.”



“Migraines. I tried quite a few drugs and was at the point where my Dr. was prescribing me opioids while warning me there was a strong chance I would get addicted. I vape a CBD isolate cart when out and about and day to day and for the real zingers I can’t shake I vape flower.”



“I was diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis, severe acid reflux at 14/15 and later with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). I’ve been through countless medications and doctors trying to help me, nothing seemed to do the trick. I missed a full year of high school simply because I was too sick or in pain. 

Nothing worked and I was really depressed and a shut in. I got my medical card the day I turned 18 and never looked back! I’m now in college, and can work regular hours at my job with no issues. I’ve used a variety of things to handle my illnesses, my favorites are carts and vaporizers. It’s an instant and powerful relief from my pain. I typically use everyday unless my events for the day demand otherwise.”



“My girlfriend has PTSD and uses edibles sometimes in the evening before bed. She’s in the middle of some court stuff so more triggers lately. It gives her a break from having to think about her trauma constantly and let’s her get some sleep.

I use high CBD to help with anxiety. Too much THC can give me a panic attack.”



“Homemade cbd salve for joint pain from an autoimmune thing, plus smoking as a sleep aid (when I’m too sore to sleep). Illegal country.”



“My self-prescribed is a sativa. I use a small amount most days to help with depression and anxiety.

I’ve experimented a lot, but I’ve nailed it down to the right amount for the days that I need to function but also feel better.

For nights of sleeplessness it’s an indica, some good tunes and a mug of hot chocolate.”


If I was looking down from another planet and read this article I would never be able to believe that this incredible plant medicine could EVER have been illegal. The fact that it still is not available to people in many places is absolutely terrible. Join the conversation with us here!

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