6 Inspiring Black Women in Cannabis You Need to Follow

Cover Image From Simply Pure

We are halting all of our regular content for the month of June to bring you resources, stories, education, and information intended to help amplify marginalized communities including people of color and the LGBTQ community. We have always had a focus on these issues – as well as women’s rights – and we intend to push that mission forward much more in the coming months, and forever until the world is an equal and safe place for all.

This list is a selection of black women in cannabis that have been inspiring us via social media and other platforms for a long time now. We encourage you to seek them out and follow them to enjoy their beautiful, powerful, and insightful content. 

We know this list doesn’t come close to sharing all the amazing black women out there doing amazing things. We would love to hear from you – who inspires you in the cannabis industry? What black-owned businesses should we support? What black artists are hanging on your walls?

  1. CannaClusive run by Mary Pryor
  2. Blunt Blowin’ Mama
  3. Wanda James of Simply Pure
  4. Green Goddess Glow
  5. Val Harvey
  6. Dr. Rachel M Knox


  1. CannaClusive

Our founder met Mary Pryor at a Women in Cannabis Meetup at SXSW 2 years ago. She was burning with passion about equity in cannabis, about how the war on drugs is not over, and she was fighting for change. Her message was strong, but still unheard by the masses. She started CannaClusive to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers.

We love following them on social media because they are constantly educating and informing the industry on social and human rights issues in an unapologetic, in your face way. Follow to stay informed and to support this organization.

Follow on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.

  1. Blunt Blowin’ Mama

A podcast and active social media influencer, Shonitria started Blunt Blowin’ Mama to destigmatize cannabis for mothers.

“I tried looking for women who looked like me (young and brown) that were open stoners and proud moms. I couldn’t find any – they were either white, older or childfree.

So I said to myself: ‘Fuck it since that space doesn’t exist

I’ll just create it myself’”

Her uplifting and fun content is as real as it gets – especially for mothers struggling with the stigma around cannabis.

Listen to her podcast or follow on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

  1. Wanda James

When we first walked into Simply Pure, a dispensary outside of Downtown Denver, I remember seeing a picture of Wanda and saying to the budtender ‘Damn, your boos looks cool as fuck!’. The budtender replied that she IS cool as fuck – and thus my fascination with Wanda James began. Wanda, along with her husband Scott Durrah, they became the first African Americans, legally licensed in America, to own a dispensary, a cultivation facility and an edible company. 

She has been an activist in cannabis for ages and has been named one of the most influential women in cannabis on numerous lists. She is an inspiration for her politics, advocacy, entrepreneurship, and more.

Follow her on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

  1. Green Goddess Glow

We discovered Green Goddess Glow via one of our favorite platforms, instagram. They spark culture-shifting conversations around cannabis and self-care. Through their beautiful imagery they share education and promote sustainability in the industry. They share resources and are active on IG live to open up the conversation. They are a great follow if you are looking to educate, or just view inspiring content!’

Follow on Instagram or youtube.

5. Val Harvey of Mohawk Makeup

Val isn’t necessarily in the cannabis industry – but she outspoken about her love of the plant and she is inspiring as fuck! Val is a makeup artist based in LA that creates stunning looks for her clients. We couldn’t help but include her as a cannabis-loving-creative-badass black woman that definitely deserves to be followed.

Find her work on her website here, or follow her on Instagram

  1. Dr. Rachel M Knox

With a background in Family and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Knox now focuses on Functional Medicine, Cannabinoid Medicine, and Endocannabinology – the study of the function, dysfunction and modulation of the most important physiologic system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system.

She uses her platforms to inform people on overall health and wellness and how to incorporate cannabis. She is passionate, highly educated, and sheds a beautifully positive light on the industry. Follow her to learn more about the medical side of this plant medicine and for uplifting and relevant messages overall.

Her website, Her Instagram, Her Facebook.

We want to learn about more black and minority owned businesses in cannabis – let us know who you would put on this list!

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