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9 Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support Right Now

Today we want to highlight Black Owned Cannabis Businesses. We often say on our podcast ‘Vote with Your Money’  and we are asking you once again to do so  by considering one of these businesses for your next cannabis purchase. 


We need more black-owned cannabis businesses. According to Marijuana Business Daily, approximately 81 percent of cannabis business owners or founders are white, while only 4 percent are African American. State programs favor white and wealthy entrepreneurs. The war on drugs has left a deep wound and some claim it deters black business people from even trying to get into the space and inequities in funding make it nearly impossible.


We need to demand inclusivity and equity in this industry. By purchasing from one of these businesses you agree. 


We focused on CBD and ancillary products – as you can purchase them from almost anywhere. But we encourage you to do your own research to purchase local THC products! Find out who owns your dispensary before you pick up weed this weekend. Don’t just think about this while buying weed – support black owned restaurants, bars, and businesses of all types.


There is even an online directory (probably many) that make it super easy to find black owned businesses like Support Black Owned.


As always, we love hearing your suggestions on other businesses to support. It’s not always easy to find small businesses – especially black-owned cannabis businesses!

Here is our list:

(we are not affiliated nor do we get any kind of commission from these companies)


  1. Undefined Beauty – Clean, Conscious, Inclusive CBD
  2. Ardent LLC – All-in-one Cannabis Kitchen tech! 
  3. The Jane Parade – A beautiful cannabis accessory store
  4. Brown Girl Jane – Luxury wellness + Beauty
  5. Jades Elevation – Small Family Urban Hemp Farm Selling CBD Products
  6. Consuming Better Days – small batch CBD tincture
  7. The Cooke Shoppe – Hemp Tea, Tinctures, and more!
  8. Curated Cones – For the Most Beautiful Pre-Roll Cones
  9. Cannabis Passport – Rolling Papers That Take You to Higher Place


  1. Undefined Beauty

There is so much to love about Undefined Beauty from the gorgeous packaging and branding to the 100% non-toxic skin loving ingredients they use. These cruelty free products are sustainable sourced and vegan too! We also love the selection of products to choose from their own collection like the Glow Elixir and detox bath salts – and also their curated store which has products for health and wellness, pets, sleep, and more.


Check out their store here.


  1. Ardent LLC


Think ‘Easy Bake Oven’ but for cannabis – this all-in-one cannabis kitchen tool makes decarboxylating your cannabis SUPER easy. Once your weed is decarbed it can be used to make edibles, capsules, and more. They also sell infusion kits to make infusing food or edibles a fun and easy process. If you love your kitchen gadgets – you should take a peek at what Ardent has to offer.


Check out their website here.


  1. The Jane Parade


For so long in the cannabis industry if you wanted to wear your love of plant medicine the options were ugly, baggy, cheech and chong-style clothing. If you wanted a cute pipe, pink glass was about your only option. The Jane Parade has curated a selection of cannabis clothing and smoking accessories for the high style stoner – and we are in love. 


Check out Their Store here.


  1. Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane creates premium hemp products for health and beauty. They stick to broad-spectrum for those individuals that do not want any THC in their hemp products (if you are being drug tested these are especially for you!). They are woman founded and always third party tested. Plus they have beautiful packaging so your CBD products can look good on your shelf!


Check out their products here.


  1. Jades Elevation


Jade’s elevation is a small family farm in Tennessee. They grow craft hemp that they then make a line of healing products with. They sell hemp flower – which you can smoke or make your own DIY products with and they also have products like chill tincture, soothe pain cream, and herbal bath salts. You are not just supporting a black-owned business you are also supporting a small family run farm!


Find their products here.


  1. Consuming Better Days 


A Kentucky based group of alchemists dedicated to making full-spectrum, small batch, craft CBD tincture. Promoting positivity, health, and wellness through their informative content and great CBD recipes. We always recommend full-spectrum CBD if possible!


Check out their products here.


  1. The Cooke Shoppe

Georgia based CBD shop, The Cooke Shoppe is dedicated to bring full-spectrum hemp products. We love the variety of items they offer from hemp tea, salves, coffee, pre-rolls, massage oil, soap, and more! They are also donating 25% off all sales to their local BLM chapter right now – so get over there and buy some CBD!


Find their products here.


  1. Curated Cones

This small woman-owned store sells the most beautiful pre-roll cones as well as an assortment of other cannabis-related items. We’ve smoked these cones, they burn slow, have a metal tip that never gets soggy, and they make smoking way more fun! The owner is striving to become one of the only black-owned smoke shops in her city – we hope to support her in that mission, and we hope you can too!


Check out her store here.


  1. Cannabis Passport

David Irving was an NFL player with an unfortunately common story – 10 concussions and loads of broken bones, sprains, and other injuries. When put on more prescription drugs than he could count, he decided to look towards plant based medicine for health and mental wellness. David started this unique rolling papers company with the mission to educate and destigmatize plant medicine. His cannabis passport is a book of 100 soy-based rolling papers all presented in a protective sleeve that resembles a passport, loaded with travel facts from the world of cannabis.


They are super cool – and aesthetically pleasing.


Check them out here.

Who would you put on this list? We would love to hear from you!

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