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Strawberry Sequoia

Strawberry Sequoia first tried cannabis in the woods behind her high school while skipping 3rd period. Her mother introduced her to edibles a few months later. An avid microdoser Strawberry uses weed for her yoga practice, for creativity, sometimes for depression, and generally just for a good time.

Favorite Edible? Mr. Moxey’s Ginger Mints – they are just 1mg THC and great for every day!

Favorite Episode? I loved talking with Moon Mother About Hemp, Herbalism, Witchy Things, and The CBD Craze!


Casey Jones MJX

Casey Jones

The male perspective of the podcast and the blog, Casey Jones is a pretty hardcore athlete and uses weed as a way to recover. He also has ADHD and finds cannabis to calm his mind in ways that not much else can. Casey enjoys fine whiskeys and mountain biking and can generally be found outside in the woods.

Favorite Cannabis Product? 1906 Midnight Chocolates to get my ADHD Brain to Sleep at Night!

Favorite Episode? EP. 23 With Neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross, I loved hearing a professionals opinion on taboo cannabis subject matter.

Daisy Jane

Daisy may look like a normal dog, but she is anything but. Loving, smart and most of all, cute as all get up. Daisy spends most of her time chasing chipmunks in the backcountry of Colorado, looking for food and sleeping on the couch. She is the rock that holds the team together because when the going gets tough and tensions get high, oh yeah, we gotta Daisy dog and she makes everything all right. We have no clue what kind of dog she is we rescued her from a family member who rescued her from a shelter, but we are guessing Chiweenie (mostly because it is fun to say). 

Favorite Food? Everything, nothing with weed in it.

Favorite Episode? EP 17 On Veterinary Cannabis of course.

Daisy Jane = The Cannabis Dog
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