Best of MJBizCon 2019

Best of MJBizCon Show Floor 2019

MJBizCon was huge this year, it took all three days to explore the floor to find and put together this list. We have highlighted booths that we thought were “Best in Show”, covering categories like Most Innovative Product to Most Unique Booth Experience. Choosing winners was tough – and we also have a list of honorable mentions below.

Did you see something noteworthy at the show? Let us know so we can consider adding it to the honorable mentions list!


Kanvas: Most Innovative Product

SevenPoint: Best Overall Booth Aesthetics

Futurola and Tyson Ranch: Best Use of Technology

Deutsche: Most Impressive Booth

RYOT: Best Consumer Products

Klondike: Best Soil Innovation

Tailored Symmetry: Best Packaging Design

Sweet Earth: Best CBD Products

Cannabis is Spiritual: Most Unique Booth Experience

Kanvas | Most Innovative Product

We are big advocates here of cannabis use and parenting – you may have listened to one of our first episodes (See Here) on the subject. Vaporizing is a common consumption method among parents. It’s discreet, quick, easy, and conveniently fits in your purse or pocket. But many devices could be easily used by children – if they know how to suck out of a straw they can likely figure out how to suck from a vaporizer!

We loved that Kanvas has decided to make a child-safe vape, that not only protects children, but is a stylish and functional product as well. Bravo Kanvas – we love what you are doing and think that child-safe should be the industry standard.

SevenPoint | Best Overall Booth Aesthetic

We knew as soon as we walked into the SevenPoint booth that this would be our pick for best aesthetic! The booth is perfectly designed and created inside and out. From the product companies they partnered with (Tetra being one of our favorites), to methods of viewing and smelling flower, to cases and other accessories, SevenPoint nailed the design.

Who is SevenPoint? It came as no surprise that they are an interior design firm with a direct focus on the cannabis industry. While we wish they could design our whole home (or maybe just our CannaVan) they focus on commercial interiors.

Futurola and Tyson Ranch | Best Use of Technology

For all of our fellow tech nerds out there, Futurola and Tyson Ranch had a massive LED screen experience that was impossible not to look at. The entire floor was LED as well and the booth was bumping with music and captivating cannabis content. 

The only way this booth could have been cooler (from a tech perspective) is if they used the 3D LED technology we saw at the IAAPA Trade show! I mean, imagine that incredible Futurola content in 3D??

Deutsche | Most Impressive Booth 

Deutsche set up what felt like a full production factory with all of the shiny metal equipment, glass accessories, and buttons galore. We were able to walk up three sets of stairs to view the facility from above, as well as get a unique perspective on the whole show. We were impressed overall that they could even get that much equipment onto a show floor – it must have cost a fortune to ship!

The icing on the cake? Their spinning metal sign. Overall a badass booth and clearly a company that can outfit your business with just about any production equipment you may ever need whether it be agricultural, extraction, pharmaceutical, etc.

RYOT at MJBizCon

RYOT | Best Consumer Products

RYOT’s booth pulled us in immediately. They were displaying beautifully designed bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories. All of their products were highly curated – nothing bland or stale on the shelves. 

Klondike | Best Agricultural Innovation

For their innovative soil product KapSol – a self-contained seed ecosystem. 

Tailored Symmetry

Tailored Symmetry | Best Packaging Design

We were drawn by the clean packaging design at Tailored Symmetry. The packaging was easy to open and use while also being beautiful.

Sweet Earth CBD

Sweet Earth | Best CBD Products

We were drawn to Sweet Earth’s booth because of the beautiful booth and packaging design. The bright yet calm feel of the booth piqued our curiosity. We stayed at the booth because of the incredible friendly staff – and then we fell in love with the products. Sweet Earth products are sustainably sourced and responsibly grown.

Cannabis is Spiritual

Cannabis is Spiritual | Most Unique Booth Experience

We are always looking for the most unique experiences during cannabis events. The plant lends itself so well to ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas, yet we too often see events ending up like the same old stuffy networking parties that we grew to hate in the tech industry.

So it was a breath of fresh air to see the Cannabis is Spiritual booth. This booth was focused on offering a cannabis and meditation experience, and had people laying on the floor on pillows with headphones and sleep masks. Your spiritual guide was glowing and covering in glitter – and the entire booth seemed like it popped right out of burning man.

We were surprised after the show when we looked up Cannabis is Spiritual and found out that it is actually run by Christian Cannabis. We have no religious affiliations here – but that doesn’t change the fact that the booth was cool!

Honorable Mentions:

Display Dispensary

Display Dispensary: For their impressive booth design and beautiful display options.

The Clear: For a beautiful booth and product packaging design

Revelry: For badass consumer products – honestly it was hard to chose between then and RYOT. We chose RYOT for the variety, but Revelry bags are dope and smell proof!

Leafly: For a fun, functional, and beautiful booth design.

Vitalis: For the best mix of industrial and aesthetic.

PornHub: Because we thought it was hilarious that they were at the show, and that it does actually seem like a good place to advertise cannabis.

We want to hear what you thought were ‘Best in Show’ let us know in the comments below.

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