Dispelling a Myth: The Truth About CBD/THC Bath Bombs

I do not like writing this. I LOVE bath bombs and when I found out they could have THC or CBD in them I loved them even more. They are beautiful, they fizz when they enter the water, and sometimes they have beautiful dried flowers in them. They make bathtime oh so much more fun. I have been buying CBD bath bombs as gifts and I have tried a good many myself. Honestly, I have always had good experiences with CBD/THC bath bombs – but its always been hard to tell if I’m just relaxed because I’m taking a good smelling bath or if the cannabinoids are really working.

CBD Bath Bombs

So when I saw Redditor u/Arcendus post about Dispelling the Myth of CBD bath bombs I had to take a closer look. He argues that “both CBD and THC are hydrophobic molecules. This means that they repel water molecules.” Basically, when you put a THC/CBD bath bomb in your bathwater, all of the molecules cling to the sides of the tub or stay on the surface of the water – and do not have the chance to sink into your skin (or at least most of your skin, maybe a small amount).

He also argues that the bombs get over-diluted “Considering the average bathtub size and the average potency of a bath bomb, you’re looking at a product that’s being diluted down to 50mg/80gal.

Combine the fact that CBD is hydrophobic with the fact that it’s being diluted across 80 gallons, and you’ve got yourself a product where the presence of CBD is quantifiably pointless.”

Leaving us with a lot of worries about the $30 bath bombs we have been purchasing….

 Now there is a way to make CBD/THC ‘water-compatible’ and thus appear water-soluble according to this article. This means that while CBD is not actually “absorbed” in the water it may instead molecularly broken down to a point where it can mix with your bathwater. “Water-soluble CBD allows the CBD to be suspended in the bathtub water because it partially breaks down the molecules into smaller pieces, so they more easily get pushed around and through the water”.

We will have dig into this further. But for now, I would rather spend my money on a nice CBD lotion to apply after the bath than the CBD bath bomb itself.

Check out the thread and arguments for and against here:

Dispelling a Myth: CBD Bath Bombs from r/CBD

What are your thoughts? Have you tried CBD.THC bath bombs before? Do you make them? Let us know!

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