Aspen, CO
Casey Jones

Casey Jones

Casey lived in Aspen for four years and worked with Sam at a bar. They have used weed together.

Extras – Casey and a Friend talk Cannabis

Hi, world. If you want to hear Casey drop the eff-bomb, speak in a Gollum voice, a bunch make some bold predictions and talk about his thoughts on cannabis with a friend; you’ve hit the right place. Let me preface this by saying that, I Casey Jones, am very new to this process of investigating the cannabis industry. I think that we are all in a place where we want to know as much as we can but also want to give our opinions on what we think the Cannabis Industry is and should be. But, most importantly we at the Mary Jane Experience want to encourage the world to start having conversations like this, where we learn from each other and start to normalize Cannabis as a plant and a useful one at that.

In this podcast, we talk about everything from introducing The Mary Jane Experience, to publicly traded cannabis stocks, cannabis in athletics and how cannabis might affect the environment We don’t claim to be experts on any of these topics, we just want people to talk about cannabis. So we did. 

As always we love to hear from anyone that listens, whether it be corrections or suggestions or just some thoughts. As always, that you for the listen and we hope you have a great time in your cannabis exploration.


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