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First-Ever Partnership Between CBD Brand and Women’s Pro Soccer Team

Professional sports and weed, it a tricky combo. Some of the fittest human beings on the plant want to use weed in training and recovery for sports – yet the industry has a fierce push-back. Pro sports organizations all over the world have cannabis on their banned substances list: the NBA, the NFL, the NCAA (slightly more understandable), Major League Soccer, the list goes on. So when the National Women’s Soccer League team the Portland Thorns FC announced a CBD partnership this morning we said, hell yeah!

Some take the stance that cannabis can be performance-enhancing, but I think to anyone that has tried cannabis, this is silly. Yes, it can make you forget about the pain of cardio sometimes, but it by no means makes you a better athlete. Though, this article isn’t about psychoactive cannabis. While it is new and exciting, this is about CBD, not full-spectrum CBD, not broad spectrum CBD, but CBD all by its lonely little self. 

The Social CBD is a wellness company that provides CBD solutions with absolutely no THC whatsoever. Some argue that without the THC (or at least some other cannabinoids) the CBD does not function as well. If you are in the know, this is called the entourage effect, or the enhancement of one cannabinoid when used in conjunction with others (whole plant medicine). But entourage effect or not, it’s great that athletes are able to use a more natural pain reliever. We are excited to learn more about how it helps these female athletes.

Pro Soccer and CBD

The Good: Pro Sports are moving closer to accepting cannabis into sport recovery.

The Bad: They are not yet accepting products with THC, taking away the option for “The Entourage Effect” which is generally regarded as the most effective medicine. 


Here is the press release that was sent to us last night:

The First Ever Partnership Between A CBD Brand & NWSL Club


October 17, 2019 PORTLAND, Ore. — Social CBD (www.thesocialcbd.com), the wellness company providing high-quality, lab-tested and certified CBD solutions, today announced the landmark partnership with the National Women’s Soccer League’s Portland Thorns FC. With shelf presence at over 10,000 retail locations nationwide, including major drug and grocery store chains, Social CBD is coming face-to-face with professional athletes and consumers to lead the global conversation on CBD… on and off the field.

Social CBD promises its consumers a guaranteed 0.0% THC wellness experience that is Pure, Powerful and Honest. In partnership with third party leading laboratories and testing facilities across the U.S., Social CBD certifies high measurability of CBD and 0.0% levels of THC. Social CBD products rank among the leaders in CBD concentrations across the country. 


“We are excited about the opportunity to be the first women’s professional sports team to partner with a growing, Portland-based CBD brand, which has become a leader in the industry and look forward to collaborating on more elements in the near future,” says Mike Golub, President of Business for Thorns FC.


As two-time NWSL Champions, Portland Thorns FC train to win. The body and mind can undergo massive stress during high-pressure, high-impact events like this. With products like Muscle Ruband Foot Renewal Cream, Social CBD supports overall wellness and daily routines.


“We are excited to be the exclusive CBD partner of one of the most successful women’s professional sports teams in the world,” says Angelo Lombardi, President of Social CBD. “With a product promise of 0.0% THC and setting standards for testing and strength across the industry, Social CBD is honored to be the first and trusted CBD brand to partner with the Portland Thorns FC.”


For more information on Social CBD, please visit: www.TheSocialCBD.com


About Social CBD:

Founded in 2019, Portland-based Social CBD promises to provide the high-quality Pure, Powerful and Honest CBD products. Social CBD is a brand of Sentia Wellness and utilizes extensive world-class manufacturing and laboratory analyses that exceed industry standards for optimum customer confidence. Social CBD is sparking a movement and global conversation around better self-care and wellness, from education and driving social connections, to making hemp-derived CBD products widely accessible to people from all walks of life. www.TheSocialCBD.com.


About Portland Thorns FC:

Portland Thorns FC is an American professional women’s soccer team based in Portland, Oregon that plays their home matches at the iconic Providence Park. Established in 2012, the team began play in 2013 as one of the founding teams of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) – the top-ranked professional women’s soccer league in the United States. The most well-attended women’s professional sports team in the world, Thorns FC rank among the best globally in attendance among male and female professional clubs. Thorns FC have won two NWSL Championships (2013, 2017) and an NWSL Shield (2016) in seven seasons.

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