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Penny Wiser

Penny Wiser

Penny Wiser is a guest blogger based out of North Carolina. Occasionally she has the chance to visit us here in Colorado to test out some products and share reviews.

Foria Pleasure | THC Lubricant Review by PennyWiser

Product: Foria “Pleasure Within” THC Sexual Lubricant – 69.90 MG THC per package

Dose: 1ML = 13.58 MG THC

Review: When my buddies at The Mary Jane Experience asked if I would lend a helping hand to review some products for them, I was pretty pumped to help out. Then, they asked if I would try out a lube made with THC in it by Foria. Lube? With THC in it? Does this exist? I can’t believe these thoughts ran through my head before I said- ABSOLUTELY! 

Now I happened to read the label of this product before my partner saw it. The directions stated that you should apply the product fifteen to thirty minutes before use, allowing the perfect time for foreplay. I knew we would have trouble being patient for that long, so I went ahead and applied it before he knew. As we started getting to work, the product just seemed like a nice quality lubricant. It was very natural with a discrete but pleasant smell. 
As things progressed, we could certainly feel some new sensations kicking in. Now it was not a mind-blowing change that revolutionized sex for us,  but it absolutely created an added warmth and tingling sensation that was a nice change of pace. As a novice in the legal cannabis industry, one thing I can say is important to me is a product that enhances your life, instead of being so intense it stops you in your tracks. I enjoyed that this was just a subtle complement of what is already a pretty dang enjoyable experience. 
Going into our next time using this product, we plan on waiting even longer (if we can!) and using a larger amount. The packaging, while notably sleek and sexy, did not give too much direction and I think we possibly could have used a larger dose! We are pretty pumped to keep using this product and experimenting even more. 

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