Healing Crohn’s With Cannabis | One Woman’s Mission to Spread the Word

Yvette Stafford Jones’ Son Was suffering from severe Crohn’s Disease, they tried everything and cannabis was the most effective treatment. She is now on a mission to spread the word and honor others that are also trying to spread the word, so that no one else has to suffer the way her son did.

We talk about her foundation as well as some different methods that have worked for treating her son’s condition. If you are a person suffering or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information or to be connected to someone who can help.

Also mentioned in this interview is our upcoming Women in Cannabis ‘Galentine’s Day’ Event. For more information on that click here.

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Tell us About Yourself, Who You Are and What You Do?

My name’s Yvette Stafford Jones. Everybody knows me as Nunee Jones. I am the founder of the Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation. I got into this because I was trying to save my son’s life. 

The pharmaceuticals were so expensive, and of course, they’re not good for you. He was offered Remicade (a prescription drug for Crohn’s)  that cost him $8,000 every eight weeks for the past five years.

We were lucky enough to find out that cannabis helped and it has my son in remission right now. 

Strawberry Sequoia and Nunee Jones

Strawberry Sequoia and Nunee in Front of the CannaVan

Now I’m just spreading the news, helping other people to not hit that brick wall. They don’t have to go the expensive and unhealthy way of pharmaceuticals. They can have the cannabis experience. The Crohn’s foundation is trying to spread the word.

For anybody out there that might have Crohn’s but have never considered cannabis, how can cannabis help with Crohn’s and Crohn’s symptoms?

Crohn’s is a tricky disease. Every person is different. Once they find out what works for them as far as a cannabis consumption method – maybe smoking (smoking is supposed to be number one for Crohn’s) or vaping.

You need a direct method of consumption – you don’t need any processing. Directly to the bloodstream. Whole plant is ideal.

CBD works well, high milligrams of CBD that is as pure as you can get it. Crohn’s is based on swelling/inflammation and we all know that cannabis is anti-inflammatory.

So that’s the key. You have to shop around and experiment to find what works best for you. Smoking seems to help the most, especially if you have flare-ups.

I travel with my chef now. We’ve talked about smoking, we’re talked about vaping, we talked about edibles, but we need to implement cannabis into our diet. So our chef makes medicated infused food. 

Tincture is an easy way as well – you can use tincture to infuse your food or beverages.

Cannabis for Crohn's

Tell us About Your Blood Sweat and Tears Award?

We are celebrating people in the industry that are helping to get the word out. 

Last year we lost a great guy in Florida, Bill Monroe. I thought about how he put his blood, sweat and tears into this industry. So I created the ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears Award’. 

We are at the Women’s Conference and one woman here I want to celebrate is Stacy Thompson. She had a lot of doors slammed in her face. But people are starting to listen. People are learning. They’re understanding and coming together.

So, I’m going to present her an award today so that when she goes home on those lonely nights and she says ‘why am I doing this?’ She can take a look at that award and know that the blood, sweat and tears that she puts into it’s well worth it. 

Let’s Get back to Crohn’s For a Sec, Tell Us Some More Methods That Are Effective for the Condition?

Topicals are effective. You can rub topicals on your stomach (intestinal area) and that seems to help. I believe the best rule of thumb is a combination of methods to find a cure – so topicals, tinctures, smoking, and lifestyle, like diet, exercise, everything combined.

The endocannabinoid system needs to be balanced when you have Crohn’s. A lot of doctors are getting back into this. On the medical side, they’re realizing they were not taught about this in medical school. It was taboo for so long. But those tides are turning I think in five, 10 years. Hospitals are going to be on it and be trained in using cannabinoids.

When you take the Hippocratic oath and you make it your life’s mission to take care of people and you see something working – you have to acknowledge it as a cure. Which is why de-stigmatization is so important.

More Information about Cannabis use for Crohn’s Disease:

Most studies done on Crohn’s and Cannabis have been inconclusive. It seems that cannabis works for some and not others, but many patients have seen incredible results.


We do not have enough evidence to conclusively say that Cannabis is a Cure or even a great treatment, but because there are so few side effects of cannabis – it is completely safe to experiment with.


We suggest experimenting with different methods and starting low and slow. Journaling can help you learn what is helping and what is hurting your body.


As mentioned above, if you are a person suffering or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information or to be connected to someone who can help.


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