How to Sesh in Style – Our 10 Favorite Cannabis Fashion Brands

Cannabis is slowly transcending from an illegal, undercover, stoner’s only substance, into the health and wellness product that it always should have been. We believe that great design and style in cannabis products are essential parts of destigmatizing cannabis and making it more accessible to the masses. 

We believe in making cannabis use a thing of beauty, something to be admired. Perhaps if cannabis use is done in the right way than we can inspire people that may have otherwise been averse to the idea to get a little closer and educate themselves.

Which is why we have put together a list of our favorite Cannabis Style Brands. Each and every one of these brands were hand-picked because they exemplify the highest standards in Cannabis Fashion and Style. They are mostly small women-owned businesses that are fighting for destigmatization and education in the industry.

This blog was not sponsored in any way and we are proud to bring you this highly curated list in hopes that you will be inspired to join us on the mission to destigmatize the magical and mysterious cannabis plant.

Top 10 Cannabis Style Brands:

  1. My Bud Vase
  2. CannaStyle
  3. Forged Coast Goldsmith
  4. Edie Parker
  5. Lettershoppe
  6. Ken Ahbus
  7. GoldLeaf
  8. Shop Tetra
  9. Ethereal Haze
  10. Blunted Objects

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase:

This small, woman-owned business saw a problem in the cannabis industry – there was nothing cute and sophisticated for women to smoke out of. Most bongs were giant hunks of glass that would need to be hidden while not in use. So they decided to create a line of beautiful, discrete, female-forward bongs that look just like lovely vases. 

Each bong is designed to be able to be left out on a table with a few flowers in it, something that you will be happy to look at all day in your home and won’t be afraid of others seeing. They are fun and easy to smoke out of and are more like a piece of art than a smoking accessory. 

See More From My Bud Vase >>>



Amanda was working in New York using cannabis for her anxiety, insomnia, and overall mental health. Coming from the fashion world she was not impressed with the smoking accessories out there calling them “Cartoonish” – so she set out to make her own.

She has since designed as well as curated a beautiful collection of smoking products and accessories like rolling trays, jewelry, pipes and more.

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Gold Doob Tube

Forged Coast Goldsmith:

Emily is a Canadian Artist crafting beautiful works of art with hand, hammer, and fire. She mainly makes gorgeous gold, silver, and stone-inlaid jewelry – but she has a small collection of incredible smoking accessories. Our favorites are her Doob-Tube Necklace, Moon Lighter case, and joint holder.

See her works >>>

Grape Pipe

Edie Parker Flower:

Another New York Canna-Babe Edie has always had a love for mid-century style and colorful acrylic bags made back in the 50’s and 60’s. She brings the bright colors and aesthetics of those times into her cannabis line of products all handcrafted in the US and Italy. Their goal is to make pretty things that make you happy!

From Fruit shaped pipes to funky stash jars – their products make us smile every time.

See all items >>>

Pass Joints not Judgements


What do you get when you have a talented female illustrator who also loves cannabis? Incredible cannabis designs printed on t-Shirts! Lettershoppe has some of the coolest designs out there, all original and all artistic AF. One of her most famous sayings, “Pass Joints Not Judgement” adorns t-shirts of all shapes and sizes. Her messages are inclusive and hilarious and her work is incredible.

See all from LetterShoppe >>>

Ken Ahbus:

We met the founder of Kenahbus at The Women in Cannabis Conference and remember her saying something along the lines of, “I just wanted to make cannabis-forward clothing that I would actually wear”. Some folks are into tye-dye, and some are into bell-bottoms, but Kenabus sticks to a more simple styles with catchy phrases like “Today’s Good Mood Was Brought to you by THC”. These t-shirts and other styles are something you can wear every day!

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Mixing things up a bit, we had to share the beautiful paper goods of GoldLeaf. They are a science forward company that encourage cannabis users to document their experiences with the plant to learn more about their bodies and their reaction to different cannabis products. Their journals are beautifully designed and something that you will want to keep on you at all times. They also have educational posters that are each a stunning work of art. GoldLeaf has the perfect blend of form and function and we can’t get enough of it.

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Shop Tetra:

We found Tetra at MJBizCon this past December and were immediately struck by the beautiful – albeit few – products they had on display. We couldn’t stop thinking about them and later found their website which did not disappoint. Their highly curated collection has some of the most unique and beautiful smoking accessories we have ever seen. From wildly colored and shaped pipes to one-of-a-kind vintage ashtrays – they have something for every cannabis fashionista!

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Crystal Pipe

Ethereal Haze:

Two Words – Crystal. Pipes. We love crystal pipes for so many reasons! The aesthetic is stunning and if you’re up for getting a little hippie-dippie-spiritual with us, they can offer some unique energy healing properties. Ethereal Haze prides themselves in hand-selecting the highest quality crystals – and it shows. 

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Weed Fashion

Blunted Objects:

Last, but not least in the slightest is Blunted Objects. This company has some of the most fun and unique cannabis accessories ranging from jewelry to Bernie Sanders T-Shits covered in weed leaves. They are unapologetic in their views and we love it!

See More from Blunted Objects >>>

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