Lesser-Known Cannabinoids CBN and CBG with the Founder of Kat’s Naturals

An Educational Interview with the Founder of Kat’s Naturals on What CBN and CBG are and their main benefits.

Kat, Tell Us About Your Relationship with Cannabis and your Journey Into the Industry?

I was originally an herbalist, homeopathic consultant, and homesteader in Tennessee, raising dairy cows and pigs. Eventually, I grew sore from the daily farm work I was doing, and a local farmer gave me CBD to treat my aches. 

At the time, I wasn’t aware of CBD and its healing qualities, but since I was a trained herbalist I figured it was in my best interest to use something like CBD over a pharmaceutical option for my aches and pains. Upon using CBD, I found the healing powers to be profound and fast-acting, and I’d never quite encountered anything like it.


This experience led me to connect with a cannabis company based in the Netherlands, where I received some answers on the science behind the product – ultimately leading to a deeper relationship importing the company’s CBD Isolate to create my own products while being advised on best production methods and consumer uses. 

While experimenting with different formulations, I found it also helped my veteran husband manage his PTSD symptoms- not only reducing his knee inflammation, but dropping his anxiety levels and easing his inability to handle crowds. 

I eventually began sharing some samples of my homemade CBD products alongside my other all-natural farm products I sold at the local farmer’s market in return for honest customer feedback. The responses I received were overwhelmingly positive to say the least- people were experiencing an increased quality of life in a wide range of areas. This led me to continue “field testing” within my community for two more years before branding my products as Kat’s Naturals in 2017, developing a website and expanding my distribution. 

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CBD has Been all the Rage, but Minor Cannabinoids CBN and CBG are Starting to Get Noticed. Can You Tell us About the Two Cannabinoids and their Differences/Similarities to CBD?

CBN, otherwise known as Cannabinol, is the non-intoxicating compound that occurs naturally when the cannabis plant ages. When THC is oxidized, the degeneration process converts THC to CBN. CBN works with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, unlike CBD which only interacts with CB2 receptors. CBN acts directly with the CB1 receptors making it mildly “psychoactive” but does not make you feel high, just sleepy.

The lesser-known CBG, or cannabigerol, is a non-acidic cannabinoid produced when heat is applied to the CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) molecule. 

CBG is known as the “mother” of all cannabinoids. It is the precursor to CBD, CBGa, CBC and THC. CBG interacts with both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, acting as a possible inhibitor to the psychoactive effects of THC. CBG is also thought to boost anandamide, an endocannabinoid that naturally increases dopamine levels and is responsible for regulating various health functions such as mood, sleep, and appetite.

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What are the Main Benefits of CBN?

CBN is most commonly and effectively used as a sleep aid or sedative. The cannabinoid has shown to help regulate the immune system, working to relieve the pain and inflammation caused by several conditions, some of which include arthritis and Crohn’s disease. At Kat’s Naturals we are actually currently working on a formulation that includes CBN for its sedative properties. 

What are the Main Benefits of CBG?

CBG has been found to regulate neurohormones which actively affect physiological processes including mood, metabolism, pain response, and appetite. We’re actually releasing a new product soon that contains CBG and humalene.     


Tell us About The Way Your Plants are Grown and Why That Matters for the Finished Product?

Our plants are grown outdoors using organic growing methods that include mycorrhizae and compost in the soil and use only natural pest control methods, like the release of beneficial insects. We are working on indoor grows for a more controlled environment for future production. 

The genetics used are very high in CBG naturally, so that extraction is easier and more cost effective. It is important to make sure that the fundamentals of the growth process are in place because cannabis is a natural soil cleaner and will take into itself any contaminants found in the soil, such as residual pesticides and herbicides as well as heavy metals. Since our finished products are used for health purposes, it is very important to have clean plant material to begin with. 

CBD Products

What is the Healthiest Way to Consume Cannabinoids? Preferred Methods?

There are many different ways to consume cannabinoids, the easiest and most bioavailable is to use the sublingual application, where you place drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds. You can get very precise doses this way and it is also the most cost effective. 

We offer several different potencies and blends using essential oils to help bring out certain effects of CBD in our product line. We have conveniently named our products for the desired effect. 

Relax is our 300mg THC free product with terpenes and essential oils for aiding the body with relaxation and sleep. Metabolize is a THC-free 1:1 CBD:CBG formula with essential oils and terpenes to help with metabolic function, mood elevation, and energy. Our Restore is a 1500 mg full spectrum solution for those with chronic conditions and Balance is a 750 mg formula used for those seeking a balanced effect on their overall body systems using cannabis. (these do contain THC but not enough to get you high). 

We also offer two high potency THC-free products; Heal 1500mg with peppermint and Naked 1500 mg with no flavor. Naked is used by people with sensitivities to essential oils. All of our THC-free products are made with hemp seed oil carrier to elevate the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids needed by the body for healthy functioning. 

Cannabis and Pets

We Love our Furry Friends – Can You Tell us About CBD Solutions For Pets?

Of course. We offer 3 different formulations for pets! Rally was crafted with your aging pet in mind, featuring precise amounts of three cutting edge cannabinoids that target more specific health concerns.

Comfort was designed for animals of all ages from puppy to geriatrics, whether you’re looking to boost health, increase stamina or simply prevent the issues that can be associated with aging.

Last but not least, Mend was designed using only top quality ingredients and helps to address one of the most seen problems in veterinary health: ears. 

With Cannabis Still being Illegal, can you Tell us About the Stigma in Tennessee?

Tennessee has been a legal grow state since 2014 under the original TDA pilot project. The state is overall very open minded and accepting of hemp, though it has taken a few years to help grow awareness of the difference between THC and CBD with the general population. 

We have put on a lot of educational seminars and the TNHIA (Tennessee Hemp Industry Association) has been very active with festivals and activities to promote awareness and education. We also have an active PAC (Tennessee Growers Coalition) doing work before the Legislation to help work on bills that will help farmers and processors/manufacturers to be able to create regulated products that continue to benefit consumers and meet the upcoming federal regulations.

Overall, Tennessee is a very active hemp state and we will see medical marijuana laws in the next year or two to aid in full legalization. The people of Tennessee are ready; we are just waiting for all the paths to regulation to catch up. 

This blog is a guest post by Kat’s Naturals. The Mary Jane Experience does not endorse, recommend, or have any kind of affiliation or affiliate program with Kat’s Naturals.

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