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Northern Standard CBD Vape Pen Review


Product: Northern Standard “Lift Ticket” CO2 Oil Concentrate Vape Pen, Sour Tsu

Ingredients: THC 50.5%, CBD: 42.52%

Dose: 2-3 hits

Taste: Like Weed

Here is what Northern Standard has to say about its products: “Our terpene-rich oils are extracted from high-potency, organically grown flower. No butane or other toxic solvents are used in our process. No cutters, fillers or color-removers are added – just pure, high-potency, strain-specific CO2 oils with robust native terpene profiles.”

Review: CBD Sunday at Village Green Society gave me the excuse to buy this half THC half CBD vape pen. It’s a single-use pen and probably has about 100 hits on it depending on how big of hits you might take. Right off the bat, I have to say that Northern Standard has great branding and packaging. They only make premium, high-quality products that really play into the fun of buying weed and make you feel good about having an organic, non toxic product in your hands. They also make beautiful edibles that we will be reviewing in later articles.

But to get back to the pen itself, I took about 2-3 decent sized hits off this the first time I tried it and then took my dog for a hike. I forgot all about the fact that I took a hit and was awestruck at how beautiful the leaves on the ground were, which is when I realized I was high, but not too high. This pen is a super low anxiety, super lovey, happy, feel-good kind of high. It is not too much “in your head” but definitely makes your body feel amazing. I highly suggest this as a hangover cure, a nice wind down at the end of the day, or a cure for pain, headaches, or sore muscles.

One thing to mention is that (and I find this with all CBD products I have tried) it makes me really sleepy. So definitely not the best pen for productivity or anything that requires high energy. I also don’t experience much in the way of munchies on this pen either, so that’s another for the plus column. The pen hits smoothly and does not make you cough. I have tried a ton of disposable vape pens at this point and this one really steals the show for me.

Note from Casey Jones: As a guy that has always struggled with ADHD, this pen doesn’t seem to get me super high but does take me from bouncing off the walls to chillin’ on the couch. I would go as far to say that this is my favorite CBD/THC pens that I have tried so far.

Anxiety: Very low

Head High vs Body: Body High

Energy: Sleepy

Mood: Happy

Pain/headache relief: High


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