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Review: 1906 New Highs GO Beans

Product: 1906 New Highs GO Beans

Dose: 1 Bean, 5mg THC/CBD + Herbs

Company Claim: “GO is an all natural performance-enhancer made from single-strain cannabis sativa and four natural stimulants for clean energy. A combination of caffeine and L-theanine gives you a burst of alertness and motivation, Galangal enhances alertness and focus, and theobromine increases blood flow to both the brain and the body.”


Strain: Pine X which has this description by OG Medicinals, “Pine X has a relaxed, blissful, happy glow. A baby poo, pungent smell mixes with an orangey flavor reminiscent of Cali Orange in this gnarly, dense bud. Worry and anxiety have been reported to float away, improving and easing depression. Those who struggle with appetite will love this strain. Mild aches and pains may evaporate with this tangy hybrid smoke. Artists and creative may enjoy thought-provoking qualities while experiencing creative inspiration after a few puffs.”

Review: 1906 GO beans came into my life through my neighbor, who walked into my apartment and said, “You have to try these, I’ve had one every day this week They are literally like taking an Adderall I get SO much done!” I was gearing up to go on a bike ride, so my biking buddy and I decided a candy called “GO” with the promise of extra energy would be perfect. Also, I had tried 1906 products before, and I was reasonably confident it would be an experience I would enjoy (see Casey Jones’ Review of their Midnight Chocolate here)

We each ate a 5mg dark chocolate covered bean and hopped onto our bikes. As always with 1906 products, it was delicious, and you would barely know there is any cannabis in it if you were just judging by flavor. About 3-5 miles into our ride, or about 20-30 mins I realized that we were setting a faster than usual pace and that I was high enough to have not noticed. It definitely provided energy, and sort of changed my perspective on the passing landscape, making me think a little deeper about everything I was seeing. At 5mg, the dose was perfect to safely ride our bikes  without feeling too dazed and confused but also provide a floaty, euphoric feeling that kept us biking faster for longer.

After over an hour of riding, we stopped to get lunch, and that is when I noticed that I definitely felt a little anxious. We decided to ditch the busy brewery for a more low-key location, so we didn’t have to interact with as many humans. I am particularly prone to getting anxious/paranoid when I am high in public, so this effect might not be so bad for someone else. The other thing about these beans is that it lasted forevvveeeeerrrr. I felt like I was high for the entire day, into the night. Long lasting effects are typically positive, though if you are looking for something to leave your systems faster, it’s not these beans.

Overall I would say that the beans definitely live up to their claim, high energy and focus, fast acting and long lasting. Great for a workout where you want to focus hard and forget about the pain. This definitely made us both push ourselves way harder than we would have on our bikes! Potentially not as great for social situations, unless you are a low anxiety type (I also feel anxious with things like Adderall) and not really a get high and laugh your ass off kind of experience either. These are great cleaning and organizing, working out, long hikes, skiing, and just general productivity.

Ingredients: Another thing I always like to look at is the ingredient list. So many brands are filled with crazy amounts of sugar and other unhealthy substances. 1906 New Highs seem, and these GO Beans are no exception. These beans contain Dark Chocolate, Coffee Beans, green tea extract, sunflower oil, and a blend of other ingredients that are recognizable and clean. They claim to use no Non-Organic pesticides on their plants as well.

Body vs Head: Head

Focus: High

Energy: High

Anxiety: Med/High

Giggles: Med/Low

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