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Review: Blue Kudu Bon Bons

We bought these on recommendation from a budtender at The Farm in Boulder, CO. Honestly, after trying Coda Signature truffles I have had a hard time finding gourmet cannabis edibles that compare. I love Northern Standard products but was sorely disappointed by their attempt at truffles, so I backed off of that mission for a while. But I can rarely say no to a passionate budtender, so we decided to give these a go.

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Product: Blue Kudu Indica Bon Bons, 100mg per pack, 10 mgs per piece

Company Claim: “Deliciously decadent dark chocolate bonbons filled with a creamy vanilla bean caramel, and milk chocolate bonbons filled with a smooth peanut butter filling. All made in-house and sealed in our new child-resistant packaging, which is then nitrogen-flushed to ensure maximum freshness with every bite.”

Blue Kudu Bon Bon Caramel

Taste: The Caramel Bon Bons finally stood up to my overly high standards for cannabis edibles. They have a nice dark chocolate shell with a melty caramel center that is damn near magical. It is hard to stop at just one piece, let alone splitting the pieces up to get a lesser high. I was less impressed by the peanut butter – though I am not a milk chocolate person in general, so if you are huge fan of milk chocolate and peanut butter than I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I would personally prefer an entire box of the caramel… but you have to have something to share with the interns…


Review: Clearly I was happy about the taste of these. I split these up in 4 pieces to get a bit less THC (I’m still a lightweight, no matter how hard I try…) and shared them with friends. When the effects started kicking in, we all noticed that it was a really fun, mellow high. As the night went on, we all realized we were uncontrollably laughing! These claim to be indica – but we felt like they might be a bit of a blend because of how giggly we all got!

Festival Girl Laughing

We had to test it again the next night, who knows if it was just one hilarious joke that kicked it off or if it really was the bon bons making us giggle. But I have to say we laughed just as much night 2 as we did night one! Easily one of the more fun edibles I’ve had. I didn’t get too stuck in my head while still experiencing a lovely indica-like body high. What more can I say – a fully rounded fun high with a delicious chocolate delivery system – I’m sold.

Have you tried these Bon Bons? We would love to hear your experience!

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