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Review: Dabba Mint Chocolate Indica Edibles

I honestly was a little afraid to try these. They are made by the same company as Cheeba Chews and have that look like one bite could fly you to the moon for the next 12 hours. But a weed bloggers gotta do what weed bloggers gotta do. So I waited about 5 months after buying them and on 420 weekend decided to give them a try.

The Product: Dabba Mint Chocolate Indica 100mg per bar, 10mg per dose

Company Claim: “Good for a muscle relaxant and works well as a general analgesic, also helping those who suffer from sleep deprivation”

Taste: I’m not going to say these are ultra-gourmet by any means. They are a bit grainier than fine chocolate but have a nice mint chocolate flavor without much weed taste. The pieces are so tiny that the flavor wasn’t a huge factor for me.

Review: As I mentioned above I was irrationally afraid of these chocolates. Who hasn’t had at least one bad experience with edibles, and mine just happened to be with a product that looked fairly similar to these. So I started out by cutting the 10mg dose into 4 pieces and sharing those with some friends in the evening. That equates to about 2.5mg per person, give or take depending on the size piece you get.

The high from a 2.5mg can sometimes catch me off guard as even that dose depending on the product can feel high. This was very mellow, but felt incredible! The chocolate calmed my entire body, but not so much that I was stuck in the couch and couldn’t move. It had very little effect on my mind, and so instead of feeling really “high” I just felt euphoric. I could still chat with my friends, not feeling in the least bit like I couldn’t still speak intelligently.

I was so impressed by the feeling I decided to double down the next night and take a 5mg. Doubling the dose I expected to maybe push myself over the edge, but once again this was an entirely euphoric sensation. I have tried loads of cannabis edibles that claim to offer calming effects, but this one was actual pure bliss. Once again it was not too much to maintain a conversation and didn’t really feel ‘stoney’ at all.

I should also mention that both times I ate the chocolate I did so in the evening and slept like a baby! I would say that as far as the company claim goes, this one is spot on with the muscle relaxant, analgesic, and sleep aid.

In conclusion, my fears were completely unfounded and I now highly recommend this chocolate for a non-stoney and super chill experience. Have you tried Dabba Products? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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