Honey Oil CBD Vape

Review: Honey Oil CBD Vape and Tincture

Honey Oil would not likely be a product that I would choose based on branding alone. If you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for hipster-Pantone-colored branding and packaging design . Honey oil seems to be a little more on the stoner-branding side with honey yellow and black. So my first impression was, ‘this can’t be organic’ and ‘is this brand going to be quality?

Honey Oil CBD Vape

I looked a little deeper into their products, and while I couldn’t find anything saying that they grow organic hemp (or Clean Green), they do tout the highest quality USA (colorado) sun-grown hemp and the cleanest test results. Often brands grow organically but cannot legally say that – so hoping that to be the case here. 

The third-party lab results show no pesticides and no heavy metals while also showing good levels of the desired cannabinoids (See test results here). I have had bad experiences with CBD products that have given me headaches, so I was not willing to try this without looking into the ingredients first.

Honey Oil Lab Results

Review Time

The Vape: I chose to try OG Kush Broad Spectrum Indica Vape Cartridge

Honey Oil Review

 The Vaporizer can be adjusted to hit just about as strong or as mild as you would like, and I found the smoking experience to be nearly perfect, except it is a little harsh on the lungs. I am not a huge smoker – leaning more towards tinctures and edibles – so it could very well be that I am just not as used to the feeling on my lungs as someone else may be.

Unlike bad experiences I’ve had in the past, this vape has a calming effect, much like smoking a very mild joint or cigarettes. I started carrying this little guy around with me everywhere and hitting it before or during stressful times in the day. It was also an excellent tool during times where I just needed to step outside.

I chose OG Kush instead of something fruity, and I was glad to have a tasty, mildly weedy flavor that makes me feel like I’m hitting a joint without getting too high. So I would give the flavor profile an excellent rating.

Lastly, they sent a rose gold battery with the cartridge, and I thought it was beautiful and stylish. Something about having a beautiful smoking accessory makes the experience a little more fun.

Overall, a great product! I would certainly recommend for someone looking for a clean vape that will not cause you deadly lung issues. Honey Oil has an excellent reputation for producing products of the highest quality, and it is a brand that can be trusted.

Honey Oil Tincture Review

The Tincture: I Chose the Honey Oil Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg

The flavor is mild and easy to consume. It has a slight weed flavor, but it is almost lovely that it has a little canna-flavor, and it is easy to consume under the tongue or in any beverage. I am always skeptical of CBD tinctures, do they work? 

It is always hard to tell if the effects are placebo, but both Casey Jones and agreed that this tincture seemed to have calming effects over a few weeks that we used it.

The tincture is made with pure MCT oil, a healthy fat that makes cannabinoids more bioavailable. It is full-spectrum, which means it contains CBD, CBC, CBDV, CBN, CBG, <0.3% THC that can all work together to produce the “Entourage effect,” also making the tincture work better for most peoples endocannabinoid System. The product is third party tested to be safe and pure; there is nothing I can complain about.

The tincture is even safe for your furry friends so that you can share with your dog during a thunderstorm.

Both the Vaporizer and CBD Oil would be great for:




Headache Relief

General Relaxation




Mild Pain Relief


Overall we have only great things to say about the Honey Oil products we tried! Have you tried Honey Oil? Let us know about your experience. Questions? Let us know, and we will do our best to answer them

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