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Review: Lucid Mood | Party Vape Pen

A friend of mine told me about Lucid Mood after she had fallen in love with the “Bliss” pen. I am a sucker for branding that promises a less anxiety-filled experience so I went to my local dispensary and sought out the brand. I was planning on getting the bliss pen as well, but when the budtender told me that the party pen takes away inhibitions, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed the party pen and proceeded to test it for a few months, using it just every now and then. Here is my unbiased, unpaid for, uncompensated review.

Brand Claim: “Elevate your Mood Without Clouding your Mind.”

Ingredients: “We only use active ingredients; there are no fillers in any of our products. Each product contains roughly 40% THC, 40% CBD, and 20% Terpenes.”

The Lucid mood ingredients seem really clean just CBD, THC, and naturally occurring terpenes. They have a great write up on their website explaining what they use, find it here.

Dose: A Few Hits

Firstly, I am usually wary of vape pens that are flavored. Often times it can seem really artificial and ruin the experience. I’m not afraid of the taste of weed, so I never really see the point. But this pen is cinnamon flavored and quite mild. The flavor is subtle and surprisingly lovely and after using the pen a few times, I started to really like it. So for anyone that doesn’t like the taste of weed, this is undoubtedly a great option. Also for those of you like me that are generally afraid of flavored vapes – this one is worth a try.

The flavor is derived from natural terpenes which I was not aware of at first. According to Lucid Mood, “We provide specific terpene formulations in each LucidMood Mood to let you select how you want to feel to totally enjoy your favorite activities.” Another reason to give in to the flavored pen.

Secondly, the pen hits exceptionally smoothly. No coughing at all.

And most importantly, the effects. The high from this pen is fairly mild. I imagine you could continue to hit the pen all night and feel as high as you want, but that’s not really the point. I like that you can microdose with this pen, just taking small hits here and there to supplement your mood. It is easy to get TOO high on some of the pens I have tried, so I appreciated the milder effect of this one. It fits well with the company claim of improving your mood without clouding your mind.

As far a feeling like going out to the party, I’d say that it didn’t really have that effect on me. The pen is super low anxiety, but I wouldn’t say it hypes me up to go out. It’s a great high for hanging out with friends, but it’s not going to get you out of your chair dancing. Of course, everyone is affected differently so I would be curious to hear how it has affected others.

I wanted to sit down and review this pen because I do feel that it is a product I would go back and buy again. Mellow, non-anxious, low-dose, fun vape pen. The Lucid Mood products are terpene forward (hence the flavoring) instead of trying to get as much THC into your system as possible. It is excellent for those of us that are looking for a more mellow high without side effects like anxiety, brain fog, etc.

I’m looking forward to trying all the Lucid mood pens eventually – what is your favorite one?

Anxiety: Super Low

Head High vs. Body: Head

Energy: Medium to High

Mood: Calm, Happy, Mellow

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