Mr. Moxies Mints CBD

Review: Mr. Moxey’s Ginger CBD/THC Mints

Product: Mr Moxey’s CBD Ginger Mints 

Dose: 5mg CB to 1mg THC per dose

Company Claim: Perfect for maintaining balance in mind and body, these soothing ginger mints include Indian Gooseberry to support rejuvenation and Echinacea to boost immunity.

  • Microdosed to suit your needs
  • 5mg CBD + 1mg Hybrid THC per mint | 20 mints | 100mg CBD + 20mg THC total
  • Herbal Allies: Indian Gooseberry & Echinacea Root
  • Full spectrum Hybrid CO2 extract + CBD
  • Gluten-free & vegan friendly

Mr Moxies CBD/THC Ginger Mints in the Garden      

Review: As a big fan of all things that come in altoid-tin-like containers, I knew I had to try Mr. Moxeys Mints. They look just like Altoids, allowing for a discrete product to carry around with you on the go. I may have even put them in a real Altoids tin to bring with me on travels that require going through security… but I can’t admit that on the internet, so I won’t.

Mr. Moxey’s has a few different flavors and “experiences” but my favorite is the ginger mints for micro-dosing purposes. This is a product you can safely consume before doing just about anything as they are not going to get you very noticeably high. I am a super lightweight, so depending on the day (what I’ve eaten, how I slept, etc.) I sometimes feel just a little high and sometimes notice just a lightness in mood.

I LOVE this product for a hangover when you need to get shit done and can’t completely mask it by getting high. Also great as an anti-anxiety, mood elevator, and pain reducer. Sometimes I forget that I’ve taken one and wonder why I am giggling so much. 

These mints are also a win in the taste category. They taste slightly gingery and a little sweet but nothing overpowering.

Inside a Mr. Moxies Mint Tin

Did they live up to the company claim? I’d say they definitely make me feel balanced in mind and body. I’d love to think that the echinacea is helping my immunity as well, hard to say, but I haven’t gotten sick in a long time! WE are big fans of companies that combine other plant medicines with the THC/CBD or cannabinoid profile. Ginger has been known to help digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and common cold. Indian Gooseberry claims to boost the immune system, slow down aging, treat throat infections, reduce blood sugar levels, and improve heart health. Echinacea, of course, is well known for its immune-boosting properties.

Mr. Moxies Flavors

Ingredients: We always like to look at the ingredient list as well. These are definitely sugary, so if you are avoiding sugar that could be one turn-off. But other than that they seem to be pretty clean, plus they are vegan and gluten free!

Mr. Moxies Ingredients

So we loved them! Once again this review was done without any compensation – we DO NOT do paid reviews because we feel that would compromise the integrity.

Have you tried Mr. Moxey’s Mints? We’d love to hear what you think

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