Review: Plain Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls

You may have heard the big news, our founders are getting married Sept 14th! We are planning a pretty cannabis-packed wedding and are going to record the whole damn thing and show all of you fine people pics and videos of us getting high while dressed up fancy with our family and friends. We are also doing a podcast episode about all the fun cannabis ideas that can be incorporated into a wedding. But I’m digressing.

The reason for this post is that I’m reviewing a product. I wanted to have CBD pre-rolls for my pals at the wedding that aren’t interested in getting high but want to join in on the fun anyhow. Something that might also ease anxiety… or just make for some kickass pictures. So like any last-minute internet purchaser, I googled CBD Prerolls and I went to the first site that popped up “Plain Jane”. I bought a bunch of crap but expedited a few of their hemp prerolls to try immediately.

Plain Jane Prerolls Review

Last night I tried those prerolls. I should preface this by telling you that I have tried CBD prerolls before, and I really liked them. Its why I had the idea. I got them from Moon Mother Hemp Co, a local CBD shop in Boulder, CO (we are unaffiliated). They were a great time and I should write a review on those too… but not today. Today I have to tell you how disappointed I was to smoke Plain Jane Hemp Prerolls. 

I was excited to get these in the mail. I smoked cigarettes in college and they look just like a pack of cigarettes. Even the prerolls themselves are filtered and look just like cigarettes. I don’t condone smoking, its bad for you and we all know it. But I was looking forward to what I justified as a ‘healthier’ version of smoking. 

Plain Jane Hemp Cigarettes

I lit a Plain Jane Hemp Pre-roll and immediately knew that I had wasted my money. They hit like the lightest possible cigarette on the planet, like inhaling stale air that slightly hurts your throat. They have barely any flavor at all. Instead of any nice head high or even calm feeling they gave myself and Casey Jones both headaches and made us feel grimey and smelly. We even tried ripping the filter off of one and smoking it as a joint to see if that would enhance the experience. No. That did not help.

Hemp Cigarettes

They are true to their claim of being discrete in odor – they do not smell like cannabis while smoking. You could safely smoke them in public without any raised eyebrows. They were also pretty cheap – about the price of a pack of cigarettes in NY ($12.99). A classic case of getting what you pay for I suppose.

I hate writing bad reviews, I truly want everyone in this industry to succeed. But these just were not for me in the slightest. 

I did purchase a few more items from them to try. Maybe this is just their one bad thing, I don’t know. I’ll let you know!

If you are going for hemp pre-rolls I think it is much safer to go to a local source that you know is growing organic hemp and has high standards for their products.

Have you tried hemp prerolls? What was your experience?

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