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Strawberry Sequoia is the Chief Cannabis Connoisseur here at The Mary Jane Experience and she is skilled at the art of micro-dosing.

Review: SUM Microdose Sublinguals

Fan of Microdosing? Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite ways to get (just a little bit) high: SUM Microdose Sublinguals. This Colorado Based company has created a fast dissolving tablet that goes under your tongue for a quick acting, long lasting high that is manageable. They have 4 different options that I will break down for you in this review, Energy, Focus, Calm, and Relax. They have varying levels of THC to CBD to create the desired effects.

We picked up all four packs at The Farm Dispensary in Boulder, CO. They are one of the few places we were able to find them. They are on the slightly more expensive side of edibles at $25 a piece and $35 for the Relax which has the highest CBD count. But for the price, you get 40 tablets, and if you use them the way I do, they last pretty damn long. SO let’s check them out.

Product: SUM Microdose Sublinguals

Company Claim: “SUM augments your cannabinoid production helping you restore wellness. And it does it through pure, discreet, and precise dosing in a manner that maximizes the uptake to your bloodstream.”

“Because the doses are low, it’s critically important that you get as much as possible of that dose into your bloodstream. That’s where precision of the dose, the sublingual (under the tongue) delivery, and the bioavailability (or uptake) of our patented micro-powder play important roles.”

Small “microdoses” can have the same or greater benefit than larger doses—while seamlessly integrating into your productive life. The culmination of decades of research and millions of dollars in development, SUM is carefully formulated for purity and consistency.

SUM Energy: 2.5 mg THC, 0mg CBD

“In small amounts, THC has vasodilation and excitatory effects, producing an invigorating feeling that motivates both mental and physical activity.”

Review SUM Energy: Let’s start off with the taste. I handed these out to a group of friends, and there were some twisted faces after everyone first tried them. They are slightly minty which is excellent, but the chalky texture is a little shocking at first and not for everyone. They break down extremely fast and the residue is not the most pleasant in the world, but it’s not horrible either. I recommend keeping it under your tongue as long as you can but having a beverage on hand to wash it down with afterward. All of the SUM products have this same effect, and honestly, after taking them a few times, I don’t mind it at all anymore.

Once you have the dose dissolved, it takes about 15-20 mins to start feeling effects. That’s pretty damn fast for an edible. I am a lightweight, so 2.5mgs is all I need to feel toasty high, so I need to be ready to do whatever kind of workout I have planned pre-dosing. I took these right when I got all of my gear on to ski uphill at Winter Park. For me, this was a little on the heavier side of a microdose, as I definitely felt reasonably high. But as I mentioned, I am a lightweight, and this dose is likely to feel rather small for most. Also, uphill skiing is hard as fuck, so feeling a little high made me forget about the pain and hike with a smile. These were Definity an excellent choice for a hard workout, but so are their next product, the SUM Focus.

SUM Focus: 2.5mg THC 2.5mg CBD

“A precise combination of THC and CBD in equal ratio. The synergistic effects of this formulation drives a powerful and rewarding level of attention that helps you accomplish what’s needed to get done”

SUM Focus Review: I personally like these a little better than the Energy as the CBD helps me feel slightly less anxious and slightly less high. These still have a pretty substantial effect on me, but I still find them perfect for working out, cleaning, getting shit done, and other active pursuits. I found them particularly great for rock climbing, an activity I do not want to be stoned for, but the microdose helps me legit focus on my route and slow down to find a better balance.

I’m likely to stick with the Focus over the Energy for my working out, but I would suggest experimenting to find what works best for you (let us know if you do!). Moving on to a more post-workout product, the SUM Calm might be my favorite of the whole product line.

SUM Calm: 1.4mg THC 3.6mg THC

“A unique ratio of CBD and THC to ease the stresses of the daily life, allowing the psychologically soothing effects of THC to be moderated by the physiologically soothing effects of CBD.”

SUM Calm Review: I admit, I’m writing this after a week of taking care of my brothers 1 and 3-year-olds. I had a cold, and the kids are insane. One of the best moments of my day was when the kids went to sleep, and I took a SUM Calm. Maybe just sitting after a full day of screaming children was all I needed, but I swear these things have a magical buttery effect that makes every piece of furniture more comfortable and cause all of your worries to melt away. These don’t make me feel very high with only 1.4mgs of THC, but unlike some CBD experiences where you just have no idea if anything happened, these really work.

I have taken them on weeks where I have not been covered in child snot, and I stand by the calming effect of this product. Highly recommend for any time you are feeling stressed or for an afternoon, evenings where you are ready to relax, but not sink into the couch and not be able to move! Lastly, we have the SUM Relief.

SUM Relief: .5mg THC 15mg CBD

“Our highest CBD formulation. RELIEF helps restore balance to many aspects of life. Augmented with a small amount of THC, a full 15mg of CBD allows your body’s own natural mechanisms to restore homeostasis.”

SUM Relief Review: These are the most expensive of the batch with the highest CBD content and lowest THC Content. Like many super high CBD but low THC, it is hard to say 100% what the effects are. I will say that I started taking them before bed and I felt like they were helping me sleep better, it has become a nightly ritual for me to take one of these before bed now. As for sports recovery or things of that nature, I have to trust the brand as I found all of their other products to be so effective.

What’s to Come: Looks like SUM is coming out with a “Sleep” sublingual, we are dying to try it! We will let you know when we have the chance. They also have a “Relief” topical roll on. We hope this review was helpful, let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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