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13 Small Artists and Businesses to Support This Holiday and Beyond

By Strawberry Sequoia

This has been a hard year for everyone – and for those of you who still have incomes, we urge you to ditch big business to support small businesses this holiday season. Jeff Bezos has enough of our money, corporate cannabis will survive on venture funds, but the small-batch-grown CBD farm is just barely scraping by. By supporting small businesses you are saving people’s DREAMS! 

We wanted to help make shopping small easy. If you are considering Cannabis, CBD, or Plant Medicine related gifts this season, then this is your guide! Businesses did not pay to get on this guide, they didn’t have to send us free products, there was no compensation provided whatsoever to our team. 

We are always on the lookout for small businesses in the cannabis space and it has taken a long time to find some of these. Small businesses get beat out for Google Ad words. They can’t pay for instagram followers. It can be hard to get discovered as a small biz or artisan. So this list is our gift to you and to small canna-businesses, and it may be one of the only lists out there that isn’t paid for.




  1. For Your Artsy Fartsy Friend | Ceramic Pipes by Wandering Bud
  2. For the Coffee Lover | Handmade Mugs by Stargazer Ceramics
  3. For Your Witchy-Hippie-Stoner Friend | Crystal Pipes by Rust and Gold
  4. For Stylish Stoners | Canna Jewelry by Sugar Rose Studio
  5. For Chocolate Lovers | CBD Chocolate and Tincture by Vital Leaf
  6. Immunity For All | Hemp Infused Fire Cider by Carpenter Botanicals
  7. For a Cozy Home | Canna Art Prints and Originals by Rust and Gold Art
  8. For the Skincare Obsessed | CBD Skincare by The Naked Hemp
  9. The Fancy Stoner | Ceramic Pipes by Stonedwear
  10.  When Just a Card Will Do | Canna Cards by 420 Cardz
  11.  For The Unique Pipe Collector | Ceramic Pipes by Mosty Earth Ceramics
  12. For your Grandma | Cannabis Candle by Anita Apothecary
  13.  For the CBD Obsessed | CBD by Moon Mother Hemp


For Your Artsy Fartsy Friend

Small Biz: Wandering Bud

Products: Handmade Ceramic Pipes and Accessories

Our Fave: Moon Pipes

We cannot get over the cuteness of Wandering Bud’s handmade ceramic pipes, ashtrays, bubblers, and one-hitters. They are often made with shiny gold luster and stylish color tones and formed into unique shapes, like lemon wedges or succulent plants! Not only do they look cute, but they hit smooth and clean the same way that glass does. 

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Coffee/Tea Lover

Small Biz: Stargazer Ceramics

Products: Handmade Mugs and Tumblers

Our Fave: Cannabis Leaf Print Small Cup

There is nothing as cozy as drinking a warm beverage out of a handmade ceramic mug. Stargazer ceramics makes gorgeous mugs with cannabis leaf motifs on them and we are absolutely in love. Throw a little sativa tincture in there in the morning or a little CBD at night with your sleepytime tea! You will forever feel warm inside knowing you supported a small female artist as well.

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Crystal Loving Witchy-Hippie-Stoner Friend

Small Biz: Rust and Gold 

Products: Art and Crystal Pipes

Our Fave: Lapis Lazuli Healing Wand

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pipe

This small artist creates witchy nature artworks and even a “Cannabis Collection” – a collection of original artworks to honor plant medicine. To go along with her works she also sells crystal healing pipes that are absolutely stunning. Perfect for your witchy friend – but also just perfect for anyone who loves smoking out of beautiful pieces! Did I mention that her site is ALL pay-what-you-can?

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Stylish Stoners

Small Biz: Sugar Rose Studio

Products: Jewelry

Our Fave: Cannabis Hoop Earrings

Can you ever have enough jewelry? If the answer to that is no for you or for your stylish stoner friends then you have to check out Sugar Rose Studios. From subtle cannabis leaf necklaces to full on weed leaf hoops they have the cutest selection of jewels to choose from! 

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Chocolate Lovers

Small Biz: Vital Leaf

Products: Artisan Chocolates and Tinctures

Our Fave: Roasted Hazelnut and Sea Salt Bar

We have been obsessed with Vital Leaf Chocolates for years now! This chocolate is not just a fun way to get your CBD fix, this chocolate is a culinary delight. Founded by Artisan Chef Christina Sasser (yay for woman owned!) a badass babe who cares deeply about organic, fair-trade, regenerative, and ethically sourced ingredients.

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Immunity For All

Small Biz: Carpenter Botanicals 

Products: CBD/Hemp Smokeables, Tinctures, Salves

Our Fave: Hemp Infused Fire Cider

With COVID cases on the rise and flu season upon us it is safe to say we all need a little immunity boost. We can’t get enough of Carpenter Botanicals Hemp Infused Fire Cider, a shot of this power-packed elixir and you will feel superhuman! Plus Female Founder Carly Carpenter grows all her own organic hemp and other ingredients, and what she can’t grow she sources locally and organically. Made in small, magical batches, you NEED this fire cider in your immunity toolbox.

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Cozy Home

Small Biz: Rust and Gold Art

Products: Original Art and Prints

Our Fave: The Cannabis Collection

Rust and Gold creates art for the unique soul that draws inspiration from nature and symmetry. Plants, woodland creatures, the moon, the cosmos, and mandalas are common themes in her work that effortlessly moves between watercolor, cyanotype, and mixed media using gold leaf. This artist and soon-to-be CannaMom created a Cannabis collection of 15 pieces using real cannabis leaves to help destigmatize and honor plant medicine. They are affordable and beautiful pieces for any home decor or dispensary!

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Skincare Obsessed

Small Biz: The Naked Hemp

Products: Hemp Skincare

Our Fave: CBD Repair and Anti-Aging Cream

After meeting the founder of the Naked Hemp and trying some of her products we have not gone back! Their clean hemp derived skincare line is the perfect gift for someone who loves to pamper. I remember when I got to a certain age and anti-aging creams were WAY more exciting than other gifts – now add the power of cannabis and you have a winner.

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The Fancy Stoner

Small Biz: Stonedwear

Products: Ceramic Pipes

Our Fave: 22K Gold Geo Pipe

Beware – you will need to buy one for yourself AND one for your bestie because Stonedwear’s unique geometric style pipes are just that cute. Get one with color that pops or something simpler, there is a shape and color combo for anyone. If you have a friend that already seems to have every pipe you could find – surprise them with the unique pipes by Stonedwear.

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When Just a Card Will Do

Small Biz: 420 Cardz

Products: Stoner Greeting Cards

Our Fave: Happy Litmas

Looking for that friend who already has everything? You can never go wrong with a heartfelt card…especially when that card has a little something extra attached! Add your own pre-roll to this lit holiday card and you will be anyone’s favorite holiday gifter.

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The Unique Pipe Collector

Small Biz: Mostly Earth Ceramics

Products: Ceramic Pipes

Our Fave: Ceramic Mushroom Pipe

This small artist lost her job during COVID and found it to be a blessing in disguise as she was able to start diving deeper into her passion for ceramics. These earthy pipe combine mushrooms, cacti, and other nature themes to create stunning and unique pipes!

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For your Grandma

Small Biz: Anita Apothecary Shop

Products: Candles

Our Fave: Flowering Cannabis Candle

Something cannabis related that even your grandma can enjoy? Candles! We love this Flowering Cannabis Candle – Hand poured and decorated with a bronze Cannabis charm, an Amethyst crystal and dried florals, it is meant to create a soothing atmosphere and invoke the spirit of this herb. 

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CBD Lover

Small Biz: Moon Mother Hemp

Products: CBD supplements, skincare, and more

Our Fave: Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

When it comes to CBD we are super careful about what we put into our bodies. Moon Mother has proven to create products to only the highest standards – organic, full spectrum, and made with love. Each product is formulated by an herbalist and meant to serve as a natural medicine. We love the hemp capsules because they are so easy to dose!

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