What is SD...?

Sh!t’s Delicious is the beautiful brain child of Strawberry Sequoia and Casey Jones to get you, the public, an honest no holding back review of cannabis products and the places you can buy them. Think of it like the Zagat Review Guide for weed. Here you won’t find any cliche nonsense that has become common in the Cannabis industry. No, here you will find two basic ass people who like weed and want to give an honest look at what we are all consuming. We will never, ever do a review that is paid for so that you know what we say, is what we mean. This is Sh!t’s Delicious! 

Video Reviews

We figured the easiest way for you to consume the reviews was by making short easily watched videos. Here you will find just that. Enjoy!

How do we “test” products you ask? Well, we take a very real world approach to our cannabis use and want to see how various products, strains, methods, etc… can be used as we go about our lives. So, we will get a product and exclusively use that product for a couple of weeks until we feel like we have used it in all the potential settings you might use it. This is how we know we have a true real world approach to reviewing and testing cannabis. This is how you know these reviews are legit. Trust us, we are not doctors. 😉

"Fuck that's delicious!"

Action Bronson

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