The Healing Combination of Crystals and Cannabis

The use of cannabis and other psychedelic plants often have a tendency to push the user into a more spiritual mindset – often cannabis consumers speak of a deeper connection to nature, an overall feeling of euphoria that leads to greater love for humanity and other creatures, or a more intense meditation or yoga practice. All of these feelings or experiences are achieved without additional enhancements besides plant medicine, but it brought us to wondering – Can these ‘spiritual experiences’ be enhanced?

The connection of crystals and cannabis quickly came to mind, and in diving a bit deeper it seems the connection has been there far longer than we would have thought. Both crystals and cannabis are used for similar (alternative medicine) purposes, to heal, to enhance creativity, release negative energy, or simply to bring a bit more beauty into one’s life. So why and how do they work together?

Crystals are said to vibrate at certain frequencies, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Much like each human being is said to vibrate at our own frequency – those with high or good vibrations attract and radiate kindness, love, peace, success, health, and compassion. Those with a low vibration repelling the good and attracting jealousy, anger, anxiety, fear, money-loss, and depression.


While human frequency is unstable and easily influenced, crystal energy is stable and fixed. Obviously, if one could choose, most would opt to have a higher vibration. Though raising your vibration, especially in very dark times can be a challenge – which is where we believe the combination of cannabis and crystals comes together.

Cannabis (and other plant medicines) have the unique ability of disrupting our realities, taking our very ‘set in stone’ ways of thinking and instead opening up our minds to a larger array of frequencies – new dimensions. Cannabis opens the mind and soul so that it is more receptive – which is often why people use the plant to heal from depression and anxiety. The plant medicine allows us to receive. It essentially un-blocks us from these healing energies.

Whether or not you can get down with crystal vibrations and cannabis opening the door to those frequencies – we know, its not for everyone – aesthetically crystals are just gorgeous!

Ways to Use Crystals and Cannabis Together

Set an Intention: We find it always works best if intention is set eg. ‘I would like to ease my anxiety so I am using amethyst in my sesh today’. Start with an intention and then add in crystals in whichever way suits your smoking habits, here are some ideas:

  • Place your favorite crystals in the ice catcher of your bong/water pipe
  • Place crystals around your favorite sesh spot 
  • Smoke out of a crystal pipe
  • Keep crystals around or inside of your cannabis stash
  • Grow with crystals – place crystals around the soil of your cannabis plants
  • Hold your favorite crystal or place in your lap during a sesh

Our Favorite Healers

Dream Amethyst

This beautiful purple stone works wonders for stress and anxiety. Said to ward off bad/negative energy and open one up to the good. Also said to ease resistance to change, allowing you to grow spiritually and emotionally. A stone of peace, great if you are having trouble in a relationship that needs a peaceful resolution. Clarity.


Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pipe

Lapis Lazuli

We love this stone for enhancing creativity! The dreamy blue color alone is inspiring, but this stone is thought to bring harmony and deep inner self knowledge. It encourages self awareness, allows self expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity, and encourages creativity.


Quartz Pipe

Clear Quartz

The most popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals – this one is known as a cure-all as well as amplifying the effect of other crystals you may have. Since this crystal is said to work on all ailments – setting an intention for healing is most important here. Quartz also protects against negative energy and is said to connect you to your higher self.


Fluorite Pipe

Colorful Fluorite

Need to concentrate? Fluorite is a wonderful stone for students, work-from-homers, or anyone in need of a clear and focused environment. “This balancing and grounding stone anchors your ideas by giving structure to your thought process during challenging times. When you’re put to the test, ask the Fluorite crystal to clear your head of toxic psychic debris and transform those thoughts into new ideas and innovations.” (https://www.energymuse.com/fluorite-meaning)


Black Tourmaline Quartz

If clear quartz is too plain for your taste, consider Black Tourmaline Quartz a mix of both clear quartz and black tourmaline. We love this combo for its enhanced ability to absorb negative energy and neutralize toxicity in the body.


There are so many beautiful and healing crystals to choose from, if you are unsure we suggest starting with the master healer Clear Quartz and expanding your collection from there. Or, if you are getting into the hippie-dippy spirit with us, let your heart be your guide, it could be that the right crystal needs to choose you!


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