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What We’ve Learned About Weed After 25 Episodes + What’s to Come!

For our 25th Episode of The Mary Jane Experience, we did a recap show. We talked about our favorite episodes, what we’ve learned, and our biggest takeaways from 25 episodes on Cannabis. We also shared a little about what you have to look forward to coming up on the show.


Favorite Episodes:

Strawberry Sequoia

“One of the more satisfying episodes was an early one, Episode 7 with Leah Maurer on Cannabis and Parenting. I honestly thought, Oh, this is interesting to me, but is anybody even going to listen to this? Is anyone gonna like it? 

But then we got such a huge response. I had mothers emailing me saying thank you so much for bringing up this issue. It matters to me. I’m, I’m a pot-smoking mom and, and I have no support from my community. 

It was interesting to hear that kind of feedback, which was really nice. I do think it’s an important issue. Even if you are a parent that absolutely hates weed, you still have to talk to your kids about it. It’s becoming legal. Every state is changing the rules all the time.”

Casey Jones

“My favorite episode was EP 23 with Dr. Michele Ross. I loved having a doctor’s point of view on some of the information that we’ve been talking about. It was not necessarily revealing in terms of information but reaffirming. Dr. Michele follows very clearly the scientific method and has effectively confirmed a lot of assumptions that we have about weed and well and heard conversations about it.

Cannabis and breastfeeding. Cannabis and menopause and osteoporosis. Cannabis and psychosis, Endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome… That episode had al lot of the topics that we’ve touched on in the entirety of the podcast, but looked at them from a scientific, information driven stance. I thought was extremely interesting. So that was a great episode in my eyes.”

Dr. Michele Ross on Cannabis



We went to a ton of cannabis events in 2019. The top 2 were the SXSW Cannabusiness Track and our own Women in Cannabis Meetup.

SXSW Cannabusiness was so inspirational. It inspired episodes like the War on Drugs, Cannabis Research, Interview with a Neuroscientist, and more. We learned a ton from the speakers and had the opportunity to network with tons of interesting cannabis professionals. SXSW actually inspired our own Women in Cannabis Meetup – which was so impactful for us. They don’t pay us to say this: GO to SXSW Cannabusiness!


Biggest Takeaways? 

Casey Jones:

“For me, the biggest takeaway from 25 Episodes is the openness and inclusiveness of the industry. We started this project thinking we would just start talking about weed and our experiences and we figured we’d reach out to some people in the industry, some CEOs, CMOs, but that we wouldn’t hear back from most of them. Instead, all of them got back to us (well almost all – looking at you Med Men…). We ended up interviewing a lot of them. 

That to me is one of the most interesting, cool things about the industry. Everybody’s openness and want to help everybody else. It doesn’t have that cutthroat feeling that a lot of industries I’ve worked in have. I think it has a lot to do with what we’re talking about. It’s cannabis. It’s kind of a communal activity.”


Strawberry Sequoia

“My biggest takeaways… Watching the cannabis industry grow is so interesting. We were all feeling really optimistic about it being the most equal and inclusive industry ever. But we have been seeing numbers of female CEOs decline and I think we have a lot to fight for as far as equity and inclusivity in the cannabis industry is concerned. That conversation needs to keep happening. A

We still a long way to go in fighting the stigma as well. I think it’ll take even post federal legalization and some measure of international movement of cannabis before that stigma is ever going to really be touched. I think it’s gonna take a lot more research and positive results. To the point where people can see it as a health and wellness product and stop comparing it to alcohol or saying that it’s just something that gets you fucked up.

Lastly I’ve learned a lot about product and I would say one takeaway from 25 episodes is that the way your cannabis is grown and cared for really matters. Looking into the methods and ethics of the cannabis companies that you support is important. Do your research and vote with your dollars.”  

Women in Cannabis Meetup

In 25 Episodes we have talked about SO much! From psychedelics, veterinary cannabis, cannabis journaling, to sex, marketing, and DIY Edibles! We are so excited about the next 25 episodes!


Moving Forward

The Mary Jane Experience moving forward has gotten an investor. Strawberry Sequoia is going to be working on this project full-time (finally!). She might even change her LinkedIn profile one of these days….

One thing that comes with that is that we are going to be needing to pay some bills now. That means that we are going to start putting ads on in the podcast. We’re going to keep them fun and funny and happy and exciting and cannabis-industry-related. We’re not gonna use an ad service. We’re only going to work with companies we know and support. It shouldn’t detract from your listening experience. And if it does, let us know because we can change things up.

We still will never, ever, ever allow anybody to sponsor a review of product. We hold those near and dear. We have a truth clause. Reviews and all of our content will always be honest. We will be able to tell you the truth no matter who or what or where is helping us keep the lights on. We want to keep things really transparent.

But now that its full-time we’re putting the gas pedal down! We are going to do a bunch more coming up. 

Ryan Brown with Strawberry Sequoia 


We have an episode about growing with Gardener Jeff

We are creating a ton of content around our Wedding and will have pictures, videos, and a podcast about Cannabis Weddings.

Were going to keep doing 1,5, and 10-year industry Predictions

We are going to ramp up product reviews with Shits Delicious

We have episodes with athletes

We have an episodes about Cannabis and Overcoming Addiction/Alcoholism

Were doing a ton of our won events

We will be attending a ton of events, MJ Biz Con, SXSW 2020, and more

And a whole lot of other amazing things!

So that’s a little look into the past, present, and future here at the Mary Jane Experience. As always we want to hear your ideas for episodes or who you want us to talk to, so always feel free to reach out to, the contact page on our website, or social media.

Thank you for tuning in and we love you!!

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