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Strawberry Sequoia is your fearless host and talented shenanigan master. She enjoys micro-dosing with cannabis edibles and doing yoga, painting, hiking, and petting her small dog.

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Why the Cannabis Code Names?

If you have looked at anything we have made at all so far, you probably have noticed that we are going by code names, Strawberry Sequoia and Casey Jones. People have been asking us the reasoning behind the alibi’s, so we thought we would do a quick post to cear things up. We did a short version on our first podcast episode here which you should definitely check out, but here it is in print.

Code names. Why am I Strawberry Sequoia and why are you Casey Jones? Besides the fact that that’s an awesome song and a great strain of weed…

To start I was just attracted to the name Strawberry Sequoia. It’s a great strain of weed and it’s kinda sexy sounding. But the reason we want to stay anonymous – there’s a whole host of reasons – but the main one for me is that the Mary Jane Experience is a passion project for us.

Both Casey Jones and I have day jobs that are probably not OK with us having a weed podcast + blog. We do some work with all manner of different industries and there are definitely groups of people out there that would find this appalling so we want to avoid any potential confrontation.

So, until the Mary Jane experience is something that we could call our full day job (if that is ever a thing) we’re probably going to stay anonymous.

There are some other smaller reasons like the fact that when we go into a dispensary we don’t really want everyone to know who we are. We want to have an authentic experience so that we can give y’all really good judgments and reviews.

We want this to be a resource for honest, in-depth reviews of the legal cannabis industry specifically in Boulder but eventually branching out. We don’t get any compensation at all. So, the reviews that you see nobody’s paying us to do those reviews. Obviously, there are no sponsors on our website or our podcast (yet). If anything is ever sponsored we will 100% disclose that information and we promise to keep our reviews authentic and not just say something’s good because somebody paid us to do that. That’s not what we’re here for.

So, don’t give us free product unless you know it’s fucking good cause we’re going to tell the world that it sucks. Those are the rules around here.

We definitely want your input on this and are curious to see if there is a negative connotation to having code names. Let us know what you think!

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