Women of Cannabis Conference CannaVan Interviews (Re-Cap)

The Women of Cannabis Conference held its second annual event on December 10th 2019. The Mary Jane Experience brought the CannaVan (Our Mobile podcasting studio inside of a sprinter van) to the event to share the stories of women (and a few men) who were speaking and attending. The event brings together women from all over the world to empower each other in the cannabis industry. From speakers to exhibits the conference addresses issues in the industry and aims to drive positive change.

We are busy producing all of the inspiring media we recorded at the event – so for now, enjoy this vlog-style teaser:

Here is who we talked to:

Shannon DeGrooms, Founder and Creator of This is Jane Project

PTSD is often thought to be a condition only experienced by veterans – but the truth is that 70% of patients are non-military, and women are TWICE as likely to suffer from PTSD than men. The women at This is Jane Project are giving a voice to women who have experienced trauma and are using cannabis to heal.

Shannon suffers from PTSD after being hit by a car and having a botched surgery. She uses cannabis every day to help with the symptoms of PTSD. Shannon believes that women need to know that cannabis is a safe and effective way to heal.

Medi-Kate and the CannaVan

Medi-Kate, Patient 

Kate broke her back and her neck and was put on excessive amounts of prescription drugs to deal with the pain and other issues related to her injuries. She tried everything and eventually came to Cannabis as a way to get off of drugs and heal. She now is an advocate for cannabis and sells t-shirts and other related items to help educate and destigmatize the plant.

Heather Manus, CEO Cannabis Nurse Network

Heather began her nursing journey in New Mexico as a Psychiatric Home Health care provider. She noticed that many of her patients were using cannabis to cope with their symptoms and that often it was working better than the prescribed drugs. This led her to become an advocate for the plant, and she started making her own products to share with her patients. At the time there were no alternatives to smoking, so she created edibles so that patients could have a safer way to ingest medicine.

She now lives in California and continues to help patients with her products, selling them in the legal markets now. Every purchase of a Nurse Heather product also includes a consultation phone call with Heather. She aims to empower people to find the right medicine for their condition.

Ken Sobel, CEO Chula Vista

Ken is not your typical lawyer. He can be found wearing sandals at any time of the year and was named an honorary rastafarian. His impressive list of accomplishments includes being an attorney, consultant, medical marijuana advocate, owner and operator of multiple cannabis businesses, and more.

Ken shared his story and told us about multiple bills he has passed in favor of cannabis. He is the powerhouse the industry needs to move forward!

Ashley Elsner Artery Pay

Ashley Elsner, CEO Artery Pay

Ahsley is a highly educated financial wizard, holding her B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and a J.D.M.B.A. from Northwestern School of Law and Kellogg School of Management. She has extensive experience in the finance world and is passionate about technology as a way to change the way we do business in Cannabis.

Ahsley invented the “Venmo” for Cannabis Payments and she believes it is a game changer for the industry. She got into cannabis not just because she wanted to see money move around – but she is a patient herself, and the industry matters deeply to her.

Yvette Stafford Jones, Founder and CEO of Crohn’s Charity Service Foundation

Yvette’s son suffers from Crohn’s disease and Yvette was willing to do just about anything to heal him. After trying many different things, they found Cannabis to be the most helpful solution. Yvette travels with her charity to spread the word and help others find relief from Crohns by using cannabis.

Yvette shared her story, what works for Crohn’s, and how you can get involved.

Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young, Founder of Pro Cannabis Media

Jimmy is a charismatic radio personality that spent much of his life in sports radio. Jimmy has a passion for the cannabis industry and was tired of talking about who was going to win the next football game – so he founded Pro Cannabis media. Jimmy shared stories and told us about his journey from sports to weed!

Stay tuned for the full interviews!

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